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                Core Technology

                Innovation and breakthroughs, making evidences repeatedly, ensure it enforceable

                Arts design

                The care is reflected on the additional valuelof products

                Professional manufacturing

                Rigorous standards, keep improving and pay attention to details

                Professional installation

                Quality oriented, professional,rooted


                Sincere service

                Sincere and reliable, provide satisfied experience for customers

                Passenger elevator

                Volkslift provide perfect solutions for the vertical transportation of cities.

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                Fast elevator

                Meeting requirements of the urbanization process and providing continuous upward forces.

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                Machine roomless elevator

                There is no machine room at the top of buildings for Volkslift machine roomless elevator.

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                panorama elevator

                The design of transparent car implements the stunning view of tourism, the construction togethe.

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                Bed elevator

                The harmonious and suitable hospital environment and consistent with psychological demand.

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                Home elevator

                Volkslift home elevator has been specially designed for private family users.

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                Integrates the cutting-edge technologies and diverse functions in the field of escalators.

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                Moving walkways

                The perfect experience is what Volkslift devoted to you with all our hearts.

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                Freight elevator

                Let's show you perfect experience of logistics transportation.

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                With classic quality from Germany, volkslift products are now widely services in overseas and national all kinds of buildings, the transportation project, favored by customers.